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KTEL Volou website implementation by Apogee
Magnesia Intercity Bus Station serves public transport throughout Magnesia, located in the capital city of Magnesia, in Volos. Bus services include a wide gamut of destinations, from lightly populated rural areas to popular tourist destinations., the mass computerization of the ground network undertaken by Magnesia Travel, was started with the objective of making bus tickets booking accessible to the traveling public. Meanwhile, the excellent customer service and best seat guarantee, ensure that all customers get the most accurate real time update on routes availability. A simple intuitive tool provides the visitor with efficient instant search on timetable of departures and the opportunity to make an online reservation. The hitherto website content, additionally, includes information about the Bus station, their policy concerning passengers transport, and all the necessary phone and e-mail contacts for better service and correspondence to customers feedback.

The database was designed and developed by Apogee Information Systems, providing a custom-branded admin interface using the Essence Web Content Management System, which is constantly improved. Newest versions of the Essence CMS, insert advanced features and options such as inventory control systems, data reporting tools, complex business directories, reservation systems and communication tools.

06 March 2014
OpenTEA e-learning platform
03 December 2013
Career Lab day by Apogee
19 June 2013
4FUN Project - Platform development
07 June 2013
KTEL Volou website implementation by Apogee
06 May 2013
Corporate identity for Solinari
15 March 2013
eipalab: Online learning portal for EIPA
25 January 2013
EPSA – the platform for public excellence
19 September 2012
Edextra e-learning portal powered by Apogee
09 September 2012
Evolutionary Archetypes web identity
16 July 2012
JustPhysics website launched
12 July 2012
The computerized database of the Second Mutual Assurance Association
01 May 2012
Identity & Branding for Evolutionary Archetypes
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