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Apogee Information Systems develops a new website for Skiathos Transports Partnership
26 May, 2022

Apogee Information Systems successfully developed the new website skiathostransports.gr for Skiathos Transports Partnership. This website aims to fulfill every need of people visiting the island of Skiathos including their need for detailed information on public buses and for 24-hour support.

On skiathostransports.gr, users can find information about regular routes, tickets available and bus stops. In addition to that, there is also relevant contact information as well as an interactive map indicating the exact path that routes follow on the island.

Other than that, the platform also informs visitors about the latest news of the island categorized by theme, while also containing useful tourist information such as tourist guides, sightseeing info, emergency contacts and live weather updates.

The website was developed using WordPress, in order to technically correspond to the needs of our client. It is completely adjustable to any screen and provides information in a modern yet simple layout without losing its esthetic quality. At the same time, its ease of navigation facilitates contacting the island of Skiathos anytime.

In Apogee we are honored to be given the opportunity to contribute to the tourist sector of our country with our innovative services, especially when serving the beautiful island of Skiathos. Our professionalism combined with our specialized developers always results in effective and high-quality solutions, such as skiathostransports.gr. We are grateful for our collaboration with Skiathos Transports Partnership and look forward to further discussions on any future collaboration.

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