Essence is an effective Content Management System which allows for fast, flexible and problem-free development, management and maintenance of any website or portal.



Essence is an effective Content Management System which allows for fast, flexible and problem-free development, management and maintenance of any website or portal. Taking advantage of Apogee Essence's features, our corporate customers can rely on a accurate design and implementation according to their needs as well as easy anytime content updates even by non-technical company personnel.

Essence CMS focuses on the creation of dynamic websites that are not only well structured and attractive, but that are also visible and popular within the web.

We follow these four principles:
  1. Usability and latest technologies: distinct features and functionalities including ready to use
    Web 2.0 applications
  2. Search Engine Optimization: making it possible to reach e-marking objectives
  3. Interactivity and Engagement: modern and advanced modules included to ensure optimal experience for site visitors
  4. Creativity: unique designs, inspired and created based on business sector study and customers' or partners' nature

Technical Specifications

  • Storing of all data information in a database
  • Modular design allowing quick development/expansion of site
  • Categorization of data from content and files
  • Multilingual capabilities (UTF-8)
  • Export of content to other media (pdf, doc, xls, rss, xml)
  • Use of MySQL or Oracle database
  • Compatible with most browsers (MS IE 5+, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera)
  • Web 2.0 applications and modules

Essence Modules

Multimedia modules are embedded to enhance visitor experience by allowing visitors to engage, interact and stay for longer periods of time on the website.

  1. Search box: research in content and files (.doc, .xls, .pdf)
  2. Forums
  3. E-shopping and E-learning
  4. FAQ
  5. Calendar and Events
  6. Flash multimedia, video, audio and picture galleries
  7. Newsletters and e-brochures
  8. Web 2.0, blogs, social media, RSS, blogs, tags sharing, commenting, networking, engaging visitors' participation and content syndication
  9. Online surveys and voting
  10. Online payments and contracts

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Content Managers have the opportunity to label URLs, ALT tags, title tags and meta data to ensure best search engine visibility
  • Link structure is carefully labeled and linked to correct website
  • Our websites already succeed an average of 7.5 Google page ranking

Key Features

Standard Features

  • Content Editor elements: (WYSIWYG: CK Editor) Change style, font, color, tables, etc
  • Interface elements: menu, sub menus, buttons, forms, lists, graphs, images, pages
  • Information retrieval - Search: meta-data, keyword and content search

Information Management

  • Repository System: makes it simple and fast to upload and retrieve pictures and documents
  • Categorization of links for easy retrieval
  • Meta-Data and content information

Management of Users

  • System administrators
  • Content Managers
  • Multiple users