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Apogee Information Systems launches updated website for the Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas
5 May, 2022

Apogee Information Systems completed the redesign and development of the website of the "Foundation for Research and Technology - Greece (FORTH)", one of the largest research centers in Greece that specialises in research in strategic high-added value sectors of major scientific, societal and economic interest. FORTH was founded in 1983 and in the last 8 years (2012-2020) a total of 3,408 projects from European, International, and National programs have been implemented within it.

With highly trained staff and a reputation as a world-class research institution, FORTH focuses on cultivating an environment that promotes learning, research and innovation. It aims at high level scientific research in Greece for the benefit of society and the economic development of the country, offering opportunities for development and promotion of research actions at local and European level.

Following the philosophy of the foundation, Apogee designed a modern and fully functional site corresponding FORTH’s variety of user types, adaptable to any display screen. The site enables visitors to browse through a majority of information about the foundation's purpose, main goals and programmes, the latest scientific research and new career opportunities. The content management system Essence was used, a software developed exclusively by Apogee, which provides unlimited possibilities for expansion and future upgrades. This was a key factor in the development of the website, so that it can reliably evolve according to the trends of the time and expanding needs of the foundation. Within the framework of the project that was implemented, the new website also acts as an information hub for the individual websites of the institutes. A series of APIs, workflows and automations were implemented to facilitate this. The result of Apogee’s implementation is a website that is, daily and automatically, updated with information such as job openings, news and contact information of personnel, aiding in the gathering and distribution of all the needed information between the nine institutes, and reducing time spent in content management.

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