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Apogee Information Systems Develops a Cutting-Edge LMS for Interact
27 October, 2023

Apogee Information Systems, a recognized provider in the development of digital platforms, is proud to announce its pivotal role in creating the new learning management system (LMS) for Interact's latest offering: the Interact Academy. This groundbreaking platform fosters collaboration and skill development in the Interreg community.

Driving Collaboration and Skill Enhancement

The Interact Academy is an ambitious project with a clear vision: to offer certified trainings and short courses to empower new Interregcommunity, equipping them with essential skills and knowledge. The objective is simple: ensuring they can undertake their roles with an augmented sense of confidence and efficiency.

Recognizing the benefits of collaborative learning, the Academy's certified training sessions are designed to accommodate cohorts of approximately 25 individuals. Such a setup not only facilitates interactive learning but also enables participants to network with peers, thereby laying the foundation for a robust professional network.

Offerings that Set Interact Academy Apart

The first two certified courses launched by the Academy – Interreg Project Management and Storytelling for Interreg – offer an insightful peek into the best practices within the broader Interreg community. Tailored to the unique requirements of adult learners, these courses emphasize hands-on, practical learning approaches.

Moreover, in line with the evolving trends in digital education, the Academy also offers six self-paced short courses. These are congruent with what learners might expect from contemporary Online Learning Platforms, offering flexibility to those keen on balancing their professional and learning commitments.

Apogee Information Systems: Behind the Robust LMS

Interact partnered with Apogee Information Systems to leverage our expertise in delivering exceptional digital solutions. Our mutual ambition was to design a Learning Management System (LMS) emphasizing user experience and catering to the specific requirements of the Interreg community. 

Apogee's approach began with an in-depth discovery and research phase to define the LMS requirements. After exploring various software options, we aligned our strategy with Interact's priorities and timelines. Detailed planning then identified project objectives and specifics, leading to selecting the best-fit technological solutions. This foundation allowed Apogee to finalize implementation phases, design use cases for each function, and map out stakeholder-involved business processes.

Following the planning and design, the development and deployment phase commenced. Server procurement, setup, and configuration laid the groundwork for the LMS installation. The system was then tailored, with additional components developed, and integrated with third-party solutions. To aid in seamless adoption, Apogee crafted documentation and training materials. Quality control and rigorous testing ensured the platform's robustness.

Throughout the process, Apogee employed the Agile Methodology, maintaining high-quality deliverables and accommodating real-time adjustments. The newly developed LMS offers a seamless user experience, intuitive navigation, and various features that ensure efficient and effective learning. In summary, Apogee Information Systems, through meticulous planning and technical acumen, delivered an LMS for Interact, epitomizing intuitive design and user-centric functionality.

Enrollment is Now Open!

The Interact Academy is now welcoming enrollments for the two certified trainings scheduled before the end of December 2023. It's an opportunity for professionals to get on board, enhance their skills, and participate in a transformative learning journey. The partnership between Interact and Apogee Information Systems is a testament to what can be achieved when innovation meets expertise. The Interact Academy, with its state-of-the-art LMS, stands as an epitome of collaborative and adult-centric learning in the digital age.

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