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Apogee delivers first phase of new OMS for North Sea Programme
24 May, 2022

After a short “soft launch” period, the updated Online Monitoring System (OMS) of North Sea Region Programme came online on December 17th, 2021,  powering the first call of applications for the 2021-2027 period. We've  been excited to welcome previous period and new users to the updated system and look forward to seeing their projects take life!

The North Sea Region Programme supports transnational development projects from the countries that constitute the North Sea region of Europe. As part of the European Territorial Cooperation under the European Union and the European Commission’s ERDF, the Programme is bringing innovation to the North Sea Region and improving working and living conditions in the area. Programme funds cooperation across borders to encourage green & sustainable ideas for the 60+ million people living in the region. A total of 957 beneficiaries from all seven partner countries participate in the 73 North Sea Region projects of the 2014-2020 programme period.

Every project the North Sea Region Programme funds has innovative thinking and scalable solutions as main priorities. The Programme often works on projects that provide pilots & trials to further their efficacy, as well as cutting-edge technology. Many of the projects also involve building the capacity of others. The North Sea Region Programme helps create a robust, green economy by helping innovators get their ideas off the ground, through projects that align with European agendas such as the EU Green Deal. The programme’s vision is to build a vibrant North Sea Region which will be an international hub for sustainable business models.

In late 2021, North Sea Programme announced the first open call for its new initiative for the 2021-2027 period. The new programme will underpin core EU policies such as the EU Green Deal and propel the region towards a greener, smarter, and more liveable place. The man priorities  are to strengthen and smarten economies in the North Sea Region, promote a more sustainable way of life, reduce pollution and enhance biodiversity and build better cooperation governance.

The call was open for small-scale and regular projects, welcoming both organisations that are familiar with the programme and those that have not participated in a North Sea project before. The first rounds of applications are already in! 21 Applications in total - 18 Expressions of Interest and 3 Applications for Small-Scale Projects, have been received and await assessment and decision making which will also be completed through the OMS. A second phase of the call for submissions of Full Applications is ongoing with a deadline of April 22nd.

Apogee applied its experience and latest web technologies to upgrade the North Sea Region Programme’s Online Monitoring System both in terms of the user experience and interface, as well as functionalities. The goal of this new version is to update the existing OMS so that it can provide a more comprehensive view of all project and programme functions. This will improve the program's ability to manage and oversee its operations and increase the security and authentication measures, and the complete digitalisation of all application processes.

The first Call for Applications was the first chance of OMS users to utilise the updated interface of the system and experience an improved submission procedure that provides greater participation of all partners to ease the workload of the process. This included the complete removal of any paper involved in the application workflows. Apogee delivered an integrated digital signing procedure that reduces the time spent for critical steps of the submission from hours to just a few minutes.

Our experience goes back to the IVB Monitoring System, initially developed by Apogee in 2010, which covered the vast majority of the Programme’s operations and activity, including application submission and evaluation, contracting, periodic reporting and day-today communication. In 2015, Apogee developed the VB OMS for the 2014-2020 Programme, to monitor and manage a greater variety of complex procedures including internal communications and beneficiaries reporting. Twelve years later, we are proud to continue supporting the Programme in the 2021-2027 period.

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