Bringing personalized knowledge to students in public schools through Artificial Intelligence in E-Learning.



The “E” factor has transformed traditional learning methods to a wider pool of knowledge, expanded in terms of audience and presentation. Engaging a wider audience leads to knowledge exchange and knowledge experience, which ultimately brings us to the point of knowledge creation by participation. Having adaptive systems allows a faster and more precise knowledge understanding and distribution. Systems can be adapted manually by users but they are also ready to adapt knowledge distribution, learning paths, surveys and allow interaction with certain collaborators. The precision to this brings us closer to E-Learning systems with AI. To systems that adaptation will be more efficient and will take into account not only intellectual observations but also behavioural factors.

Apogee's innovative approach in order to impact the students’ learning curve was to create Icarus, an AI plugin system for e-learning. ICARUS E-Learning is a project granted by the European Commission – H2020 and involves Artificial Intelligence and E‐Learning. Icarus consists of AI elements that allow taking into account business realities and student needs, makes learning more profile focused, enhances the understanding on business practices, boosts subject understanding and grows engagement. This will enhance the value of traditional e‐learning systems as well as the learning material input by the tutor.

Icarus provides tools to students to follow their own individual learning paths, teachers can design their own personalized and adaptive tutor with the following sub-systems:
  • Cognitive understanding: at the core of Icarus lie the AI algorithms that merge all the available information to enhance cognitive understanding.
  • Schedule of Learning Paths: based on the material, performance, student profile preferences and characteristics, the AI algorithms propose learning paths.
  • Profile Monitoring: the AI algorithms monitor the students’ learning patterns.
  • Performance Analytics: reports on the performance of the student and connects elements to understand the learning type.
  • Business Cases & Social Media Feed: the AI algorithms draw on relevant information from the business world.
  • Collaboration students & tutors: having additional information on the student, tutors can provide more personalized material and tutoring.
Icarus is an open source system with the possibility of purchasing customized versions, extensions and modules. Icarus’ main role is to become a personalized and adaptive tutor after learning both the student’s profile as well as the educational needs in relation to the educational material that the student is required to assimilate.