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eipalab: Online learning portal for EIPA
15 March, 2013

EIPA is the leading  provider of face-to-face courses on European affairs and public management. With the contribution of Apogee, EIPA now also offers a range of online learning solutions.

i-Learn (eipalab) became a reality. It is a portal that gives quick and immediate access to EIPA's online learning solutions. With the same high quality and practical insights, these can be a valuable and practical service when there is no time to travel. EIPA is the the right provider for a comprehensive, up-to-date and modern learning and development programme. Now all subscribers via i-Learn can combine their self-study modules and design their own course package, register for an online course, browse the catalogue, request bespoke training and much more.

Apogee Information Systems has successfully completed the development of the new website for EIPALab, using our Web Content Management System Essence and an e-learning platform specifically designed to meet the needs of the abovementioned e-learning solution. Apogee Essence Web Content Management System is a structured information and data management system that allows fast, flexible and problem-free development, management and maintenance of any website. Our web developers and designers delivered a functional website, by utilizing latest technologies. Through self study e-modules, participants can create their own learning path. Clearly structured content combined with glossaries, reading materials, background documents, links and plenty opportunities for interaction and self-evaluation enable to get a quick and efficient update on a range of key EU affairs topics. For more interactive courses, subscribers have the opportunity to access online seminars that provide up-to-the-minute content, practical relevance, strong practitioners’ perspective, and professional delivery of course materials.
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