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Wineplus website re-designed
18 August, 2011

Apogee Information Systems presents the re-designed website of Wine Plus, www.wineplus.gr

Wine Plus is involved for many years with everything that is related to wine and gastronomy. Its’ occupations include a variety of aspects that wine addresses to and relates with our lives. Wine Plus publishes the free magazine Wine Plus Magazine, organizes the annual exhibition of wine and products of gastronomy, “Hartis ton Gefseon” and the annual innovative event of “Babylonia ton Gefseon”.

Apart from the above, it organizes cooking courses, gastronomic dinners, the Wine Club Thessaloniki ’96, oenogastronomic tours and promotion events for wineries and individual winemakers. The ones that love taste will love this site which is narrative, explanatory and with enthusiasm spreads the knowledge if has of wine and gastronomy to its’ readers.

The implementation of the redesign of the website (based on a design by Redfish) was possible using the benefits of the Apogee Essence platform. The powerful Content Management System Apogee Essence allows easy maintenance, renewal and management of any website or portal. 
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