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Website update for KTEL Volou
10 April, 2019

Apogee Information Systems completed the update of the website of ktelvolou.gr, the website of the Magnesia transportation and travel agency, which Apogee supports since 2013. The website is based on the content management platform Apogee Essence CMS, which allows dynamic management of the website and user-friendly features, such as extensions, modifications and deletions of texts, pictures, updates, etc.

Apogee Information Systems was established in 2005 and provides informatics' services especially in Content Management Systems, Project Management, e-learning Applications, Human Resources Management, Consulting and Digital Marketing. Many of Apogee's clients are organizations pertaining to the European Union and the United Nations such as EIPA (European Institute of Public Administration), the North Sea Region Programme and EuroMed Justice.
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