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The computerized database of the Second Mutual Assurance Association
12 July, 2012

The Second Mutual Assurance Association belongs to the Social Economy companies and organizations; it intends to minimize the risks of operational hazards, at first directing exclusively to bus owners. The urgency of reforming came as soon as more vehicles -heavy commercial/duty vehicles, private vehicles and public transportation buses of the country- needed to be registered.

Apogee Information Systems, on the one hand,designed and developed the website that presents the Company’s activity, using dynamic and renewable forms. On the other hand, we created the whole database structure for the System of Safety Assurance, open to employees or self-employed workers, which is the first step for the mutual insurance companies to call on their members to shore up their solvency status. Its functionality shall be roughly described as a File and Registry Virtualization, where every user has access to the official vehicle data, issuing Assurance Certifications, road accident Log, contributions, Reports and Registers.

Given the high volume of data and the requirements in processes of exchange and transformation, it is essential to use a powerful tool for web content. The Essence Web Content Management System provides the foundation for collaboration, offering users the ability to manage documents and output for multiple author editing and participation. Consequently, the website can adjust to the appropriate user’s interface, using well defined fields and functions, while a complete guide to developing, deploying, managing, and maintaining large-scale content is given, for better performance.

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