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New Website for Il Bottaccio Roma
17 June, 2010

Apogee is proud to present Bottaccio Roma's new website.The Bottaccio Rome is a new events venue, located in a nineteenth-century palace in the historic center. It is born based on the experience and success of the decennial Bottaccio London, well known London venue corporate and private events, with an extinguished portfolio that includes: Amnesty International, Vogue, L'Oreal and many more well known international firms. Apogee created a unique website with updated features that would best represent Bottacio's elegance and distinguished characteristics.

Apogee's content management system Essence, was taken in full capacity to create a website that is informative but yet very impressive for Bottaccio. Photo gallery and flash multimedia were just some of the few modules utilized for Bottaccio's website. Bottaccio's Art was depicted carefully through the photo gallery module and conveniently seen with the use of flash multimedia. In addition, a video was installed within the website to give a virtual tour of the venue.

Putting it all together, Apogee was succesful in making a website that best describes the services and identity of Bottaccio by utilizing the latest technology.
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