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New Website For Arvanitidis Winery
26 July, 2009

Apogee Information Systems has successfully completed and airs in Greek in collaboration with Redfish the website of Arvanitidis Winery.  The new webpage features a clear and concise structure hosting all information with reference to the winery. The content is bilingual and fully supported by Apogee Essence a powerful Web Content Management System that  focuses on creating dynamic websites that are not only well structured and attractive, but that they are also visible and popular within the web.

Arvanitidis Winery was created in 1999 by the agronomist Thanassis Arvanitidis and his brother George. Today, the privately owned vineyard covers an area of 5 ha and is steadily expanding. The aim of the owners is to vinify grapes only from privately owned vineyards, in order to fully control their quality.
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