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NSRP carries on during 2019, through our OMS
18 December, 2019

2019 Has been one more year of our OMS (Online Monitoring System) supporting the work of the North Sea Region Progreamme. Three separate calls led to the approval of 8 new projects in Call 9, 10 expressions of interest in Call 10, and five more projects among 9 full applications submitted in Call 11.  

Call 9 saw €17.8 million being allocated to the new projects, including €16.8 million in ERDF funding and €980,000 in Norwegian funding. A further €8.8 million was allocated to the new projects of Call 11, including €8.3 million in ERDF funding and €489,000 in Norwegian funding. In addition, a new feature on our OMS allowed the submission of extensions to existing of projects, leading to 4 such approvals and approximately €2.8 million of ERDF funding allocated to them.

Our OMS facilitated the evaluation and online voting procedure for all 3 calls of applications and extensions. The partnerships behind the approved expressions of interest may now move on to the next step and prepare a full application for Call 11. Congratulations to all new projects, we are looking forward to supporting the implementations of your plans!

Apogee has been supporting the digital operations of the IIIB, IVB and VB North Sea Region Programmes since 2007. The Online Monitoring System (OMS), which was developed by Apogee, covers the vast majority of the Programme’s operations and activity, including application submission and evaluation, contracting, periodic reporting and day-to-day communication.

The North Sea Region Programme 2014 - 2020 builds on knowledge and experience generated in previous programming periods since the year 2000. NSRP facilitates transnational cooperation between 49 regions in seven countries by the North Sea. With a budget of 167 million euros, NSRP manage projects with a particular focus on pilots, demonstrations and trials. Projects typically explore how organisations can work better, often together, for the long-term. Although cutting edge technology is important, the programme is also focusing in work to develop and test new organisational structures, support networks and innovative practices.

Apogee Information Systems was established in 2005 and provides informatics' services especially in Content Management Systems, Project Management, e-learning Applications, Human Resources Management, Consulting and Digital Marketing. Many of Apogee's clients are organizations pertaining to the European Union and the United Nations such as EIPA (European Institute of Public Administration), the North Sea Region Programme and EuroMed Justice.
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