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Mr. Baziotis to Digital Business
21 June, 2005

How would you describe the progress made so far in the field of HRM (Human Resources Management) systems in Greece and what do you believe future developments will be? Nektarios Baziotis, Apogee Information Systems CEO: HRM systems were introduced in the Greek market about a decade ago. Modern managers use them as a tool for monitoring productivity, calculating and inspecting expenditure related to human resources. Nevertheless, both mid-sized and large-sized companies, to which systems of this kind are mainly addressed, see HRM applications with a cautious eye. Alternatively, they prefer more traditional methods of monitoring personnel, according to which an HR manager is a core member of the Board of the company. Hopefully the necessity of full HRM suites allowing absolute control over the stuff of the company is becoming more and more obvious in Greece too. As time goes by, Greek business practices become increasingly similar to those held within EU member states. Therefore, I am pretty sure that in 3 to 4 years from now, a great part of Greek companies will be using HRM systems, which, in the meantime, will have become even more sophisticated.
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