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GigIn - implementation of web platform
10 October, 2010

GigIn.com: Music is now universal from the very moment of its creation
GigIn is the ultimate online music hub - a virtual space, social network and creative laboratory, that gives everyone a means to connect, compose and make music together, in real time, at any distance, and totally free of charge.

Apogee Information Systems has successfully completed the development of a new robust web platform for music collaboration, namely of www.gigin.com. Based on the concept of applying music as a universal language, GigIn is a new social network focused on music creation, which aims at bringing together talented music lovers from all over the world and be a means of promotion for their collaborative work by unifying music cultures from all over the globe. The basic function of GigIn is that of a virtual recording studio that allows various users to work on the same music project.

Apogee continued the prototype and successfully completed the development of this new platform deploying paramount technologies and ensuring an ultimate user experience. Profiting from a long lasting experience in software and website development and combining it with pioneering software that allows for high quality sound recording and editing, Apogee has offered a new exciting and literally boundless music experience.

GigIn is a project owned by BeIn Inc.
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