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Galenus Journal
8 August, 2009

Apogee Information Systems has successfully completed and recently aired the newly designed website for Galenus Journal, a Panhellenic Bimonthly Medical Journal. The newly designed web platform hosts all the information about the publication and it also provides advanced search capabilities for the website users and visitors.

The website features a user-friendly template supported by the powerful Content Management System Apogee Essence. The system provides a fully automated article, document, image and audio/video publication web platform, while it enables easy research, retrieval and projection of content.

Galenus has a wide scientific committee and numerous partners. Apart from its scientific articles, the Journal publishes other articles such as interesting articles from distinguished Greek doctors, articles of the general practitioners, news of the Medical Society of Thessaloniki, abstracts from  international bibliography, book reviews, etc. Today, GALENUS represents a liberal post for the scientific presence of every doctor, whether Greek or not.

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