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Euromed Justice III Project Website Launched
29 February, 2012

Apogee is proud to announce the initial launch of the website for the Euromed Justice III. After successfully supporting the Euromed Justice II project (2008 - 2011), Apogee will be aiding in the processes of the continued project.

The EuroMed Justice III project funded by the EU with a budget of € 5 million over the period 2011-2014, follows the success of EuroMed Justice I and II such as the development of a Euro-Mediterranean area of cooperation in the field of justice by supporting the development of the partners’ capacity and backing the modernisation of justice, including an improved access to justice.

Following the latest EU standards for support towards use of open-source standards, Apogee has deployed a Drupal-based solution to manage the public information dissemination and private collaboration needs for the project.
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