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Digital voice announcement system installation on the Intercity Bus Station
11 October, 2017

A digital voice announcement system, designed and developed by Apogee Information Systems was installed on the Intercity Bus Station "Macedonia". The installed software aims to enhance the station’s passenger information system by automating the broadcasting of announcements, including departure notifications.

The system continuously checks the itineraries and automatically broadcasts the related notifications at intervals of 10, 5 and 2 minutes before departure, reducing the workload of the station’s personnel and minimizing possible inaccurate announcements. Apart from departure notifications, the system can be programmed to broadcast any other announcement.

Furthermore, Apogee’s digital voice announcement system can also be used for the management of an itinerary, allowing the user to add new routes, change departure time, manage cancellations and reorganize the schedule for bank holidays. The itinerary is always updated since any modification made by a user is automatically visible to all connected users in the system.

Apogee Information Systems was established in 2005 and provides informatics' services especially in Content Management Systems, Project Management, e-learning Applications, Human Resources Management, Consulting and Digital Marketing. Many of Apogee's clients are organizations pertaining to the European Union and the United Nations such as EIPA (European Institute of Public Administration), the North Sea Region Programme and EuroMed Justice.

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