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Design and Development of community portal for the European Alliance for Innovation
1 October, 2010

Members of the European Alliance of Innovation (EAI) entrusted Apogee Information Systems with the creation and constant maintenance of the alliance’s web presence under its official portal at http://community.eai.eu, which was officially launched today. Besides the main part of the website, where visitors can read general information about the alliance and its goals, the portal also features thematic sub-forums with constantly updated content on the progress and pursuit of specific project ideas of the alliance members in fields such as biotech, education and the green economy. In these thematic sub portals (SIB) visitors have the unique opportunity to actively contribute to the Alliance’s policies by presenting their ideas and opinions in open forums.

The European Alliance for Innovation (EAI) is a grassroots movement initiated through cooperation between public, private and government organisations to address the global challenges of Europe’s future competitiveness through innovation. EAI focuses on societal issues and application areas of greatest potential for ICT- driven innovations.

EAI’s activities are thoroughly presented via the new portal designed and developed by Apogee by making creative use of all types of online media be it picture and sound or any other interactive media platform.
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