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Corporate identity for Solinari
6 May, 2013

Apogee Information Systems created a stylish logo, container design and website for Solinari, with respect to an integrated philosophy description of the company. Along with website development, there were created corresponding  social Networks’ pages as well (facebook & twitter).

The term “Solinari” stands for the commercialization of olive oil and other olive derivatives produced by people who guarantee the superior of their products. What it represents, is an effort to maintain this high quality of extra virgin olive oil, implementing their deep knowledge in innovative techniques in production. Solinari’s causal link with the olive trees is also witnessed by the age-old cultivation and production of olive products in the region of Argolida, where the company is located.

New content, articles, illustration and interactive communication is provided by the Apogee Essence Web Content Management System on which the development of the website was based upon. The Apogee Essence CMS is a user-oriented interface that allows the management of structure and content of any website. It is designed in order to facilitate browsing through web content, refreshing information and keeping one’s website up-to-date. In addition, new  improved tools are constantly being developed for data storage, mining and processing, in accordance with the user’s needs.

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