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Aria Art Gallery Site
26 February, 2010

Apogee Information Systems proudly presents the official website of Aria Art Gallery at www.ariaartgallery.com. The new webpage is based on a minimal but yet impressive design and features a demonstration of the gallery’s current and upcoming events, at the same time hosting all the necessary information about the artists and the gallery itself.

Apogee provided a website with full functionalities as well as an exclusive design according to the gallery’s philosophy using our Web Content Management System Essence. Apogee Essence Web Content Management System is a structured information and data management system that permits publication of content on web platform. It represents a complete electronic content management system suitable for all kinds of ready to be published material by the administrators.

ARIA ART GALLERY is the prestigious location of an art exhibition born as a philosophical extension of the ESE, and in Florence also as its physical extension, where the two ancient architectures face each other in Borgo SS. Apostoli. ARIA is a dynamic gallery, aimed to realise events, vernissages and high quality live performances. The gallery alternates the promotion of well-known artists to young ones looking for the art of the future.

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