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Apogee selected to deliver documentation services for Interact
30 July, 2021

Continuing on our long history of supporting EU organisations and institutions, Apogee Information Systems has been chosen to take on a project by Interact, one of the European Union’s key organisations for regional development. Following a successful bid on Interact’s tender process, Apogee is tasked with providing archiving and documentation services for the Keep.eu project database.

About Keep.eu

As the European Union strives for development and cooperation among member states, more and more EU-funded projects accumulate, creating not only significant results but also a rich mine of information. In order to keep these projects not only relevant, but also useful for future endeavors, Interact has established Keep.eu, a knowledge management tool focusing on the needs of the main stakeholders of Territorial Cooperation at any level while also helpful for other audiences with interest in this field (students, journalists, among many others).

Keep.eu has extensive data on two decades of projects, programmes and partners of Territorial Cooperation across Europe and it adds more by the minute. Specifically, to this day Keep.eu has managed to document over 86% of all projects, 82% of all partnerships and 97% of all programmes. 

About Interact

Driven with the slogan “cooperation works”, Interact has become a well-established organisation that plays an important role in Interreg, in cooperation between EU Member States and EU regions, and along the external borders of the EU. Through a series of targeted events, publications and tools, Interact aims to ensure the exchange of experience, information and innovation in order to promote best practice and make cooperation easier.

As taxing as it may be, Interact’s goal regarding Keep.eu dictates the inclusion of achievements of many more projects, thus contributing to a more complete picture of interreg, Interreg-IPA CBC and ENI CBC programmes of the 2014-2020 period.

About Apogee Information Systems

As the markets grow more demanding by the hour and technological breakthroughs become a daily occasion, businesses are forced to either adapt or decline. Apogee has been an active factor in cross-border cooperation for well over 15 years in a variety of projects such as the North Sea Region Programme, the Euromed Justice Programme or the European Public Sector Award. With close to 20 years of experience, Apogee Information Systems has not only adapted but also evolved in a team of expert developers, designers, and business strategists with experience working for commercial, public, and educational client, striving to provide top quality services in custom web-based applications, AI and e-learning solutions, project management, IT human resources, and online marketing services.

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