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Apogee Information Systems is officially a new member of the European Alliance for Innovation
13 September, 2010

Apogee announces its membership of the European Alliance for Innovation (EAI). The EAI was created by a community of leaders from industry, research, and policy making organisations to address Europe’s future competitiveness through innovation within ICT enabled areas. The grassroots nature of the community provides for a democratic representation of ideas and an empowering environment. This powerful dynamic creates the potential for sustainable growth. The organisational membership with EAI enables organisations to build and strengthen partnerships with the key players involved in the EAI through access to networking events and innovative tools enabling you to bridge the gap between research, business and European policy.

At Apogee Information Systems, innovation is one of the three values that lead us to success together with quality and evolution. We believe in research as the basis of innovation and therefore invest significant efforts in investigating the needs and conditions of our clients, their markets and needs before customizing specific solutions. With our ‘we answer’ service portfolio, we offer a range of research services that ultimately drive innovation and lead to quantifiable business results.
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