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A productive 2018 for our NSRP Online Monitoring System
20 December, 2018

2018 has been a busy year for us, supporting the VB North Sea Region Programme and it's Online Monitoring System. Four successful calls for applications were concluded during the year.

The final decisions were taken during two meetings of Steering Committee of the Programme. Our OMS (Online Monitoring System) facilitated the evaluation and online voting procedure. For the 7th Call of applications, the decision was for the approval of 12 new projects as well as the extension of 3 current ones. Furthermore, 10 new Expressions of Interest from the 6th Call were approved and will be welcome to submit their proposals through the OMS in 2019.

Earlier in the year, the OMS saw 17 submissions of Full Applications in the 5th Call, involving 200 partners. Finally, 9 projects have been approved by the Programme Steering Committee allocating approximately € 17.5 million fo ERD and Norwegian funds. Also, 5 Expressions of Interests from the 6th Call were approved. The entire submission/evaluation/decision process was handled by our Online Monitoring System.

Three more calls for projects are scheduled for 2019. We congratulate all the new projects and we are looking forward to supporting the implementations of their plans!

Apogee has been supporting the digital operations of the IIIB, IVB and VB North Sea Region Programmes since 2007. The Online Monitoring System (OMS), which was developed by Apogee, covers the vast majority of the Programme’s operations and activity, including application submission and evaluation, contracting, periodic reporting and day-to-day communication.

Apogee Information Systems was established in 2005 and provides informatics' services especially in Content Management Systems, Project Management, e-learning Applications, Human Resources Management, Consulting and Digital Marketing. Many of Apogee's clients are organizations pertaining to the European Union and the United Nations such as EIPA (European Institute of Public Administration), the North Sea Region Programme and EuroMed Justice.

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