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Y.S.U.N. - Greece Website online by Apogee
17 February, 2006

Apogee IS proudly presents today the official Website of the Youth Society for the United Nations - Greece. Mindful of its commitment for continuous social activity and responsibility Apogee undertook the ful cost of the new site, while it will keep supporting actively other projects of the newly founded Organisation. The creation of the Website was based on the features of Apogee Essence Content Management System. The Youth Society for the United Nations - Greece (Y.S.U.N. - Greece) is the first non-profit, non-governmental youth Club in Greece, whose aim is to promote the work of the United Nations in the Greek public opinion. To fulfil its goals, Y.S.U.N. - Greece is in close cooperation with the Regional United Nations Information Centre, office for Greece, which is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium "web.gif" www.ysun-greece.org (Youth Society for the United Nations - Greece)
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