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Solution for European Public Sector Award
2 January, 2009

Apogee has provided a web-based solution for the EPSA (European Public Sector Award) 2009 award aiding in both the communication and implementation of the award. 

As the IT provider, Apogee created a website that thoroughly conveys EPSA's message. Apogee organized and presented the information by using it's content management system, Essence. With the simple and easy to use technical platform of Essence, the categorization of information was easily divided and presented.

In addition, Apogee developed a web-based system for the complete cycle of the award process, covering all stages of submission of applications, evaluation and awarding. In the first stage (opening today) projects from around Europe are able to register their interest and start working on their applications through the EPSA portal. Submission is done electronically with only additional documentation sent in hard copy. The second phase, will include an online evaluation system, as EPSA collaborators will be assigned with the process of assessing and scoring the applications. In the final stage, Apogee is helping the final decision making with a reporting mechanism on the submission and evaluation processes. 

The final results will be announced in November 2009. 

About EPSA
The EPSA brings together the best, most innovative and efficient performers from the European public sector. Outstanding administrative performances are, after all, produced under different conditions within Europe. By highlighting exemplary models of innovative public performance, the award will serve as a catalyst for continued progress in addressing Europe's most pressing concerns whilst providing a platform for the public sector innovators behind these cases to disseminate their achievements.

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