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Redesign of The School for Gods website
23 November, 2011

Apogee Information Systems redesigned and developed the website made for the book The School for Gods.

The School for Gods is a novel that communicates the Ideas and the Philosophy that inspire the School but at the same time it protests the “Individual Revolution”, the “rebirth” of the fallen and defeated Humanity which at the end finds the way to heal from the pain the fear and the conflictual thinking. The author inspired by the “Dreamer” is searching for a method to eradicate old habits, mentalities and prejudices so as to live a Free Life, by dragging along all the readers. However the only way to change one’s destiny is to change the physiological frames, the system of convictions and the beliefs. “ This is the reason why there is a need for a method… an escape plan. Nobody can succeed it on his own. There is a need for a School. The School for Gods.” At the School it is taught that “Dreaming is the most real thing that there is... ”

“All your life evolves right now.”

In the website that Apogee redesigned, the reader can find information about the writer Elio D’Anna, the School for Gods, a smaller book with parts of the chapters, phrases and sayings that the readers find in the book, news, events and Articles about the School. There is also an online store where readers can purchase the book found in a variety of languages such as ( English, Greek, Italian, Turkish) by choosing either the standard version of the book or the electronic one. For other languages, one can find information regarding the selling points that he/she is interested in depending on every region.

The redesign and development of the website by Apogee was made by using the new version of the Apogee Essence Content Management System. Apogee Essence allows easy maintenance, renewal as well as the management of every website, e-shop or portal.

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