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New website launched for EuroMed Justice Project 2016 – 2018
28 August, 2017

Apogee Information Systems designed and developed the new website and the integrated information management system of EuroMed Justice Project

With the overall objective of contributing to the development of a Euro-Mediterranean area of cooperation in the field of justice and of effective, efficient democratic justice systems, the European Union, alongside the Project’s Partner Countries from the Southern Neighbourhood, concretely: the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, the Arab Republic of Egypt, Israel, the Kingdom of Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, the Kingdom of Morocco, Palestine and the Republic of Tunisia, have begun work on the new phase of the EuroMed Justice process (2016-2018).

This EuroMed Justice Project is focused on judicial cooperation in the field of criminal law, in coordination with Eurojust and the European Judicial Network (EJN), as well as in the field of civil law (particularly family law, with the support of The Hague Conference on Private International Law), independence of justice (with special emphasis on High Judicial Councils, in partnership with the Council of Europe) and access to justice (mainly legal aid frameworks).

The project is managed by a consortium led by the Fundación Internacional y para Iberoamérica de Administración y Políticas Publicas – FIIAPP (Spain). The other consortium members are: The Center for International Legal Cooperation – CILC (the Netherlands), the European Institute of Public Administration – EIPA (the Netherlands), and Justice Coopération Internationale – JCI (France).

The new website was designed and developed by Apogee Information Systems, and allows the dissemination and collaboration but also the administration of information and users of the EuroMed Justice. “EuroMed Justice website needed careful planning and design to deliver a system that could allow proper information management and strengthen communication for the partners of the project” said Nektar Baziotis, Managing Director of Apogee Information Systems. Apogee Information Systems has over 10 years of experience in IT and Web related projects for EU organisations and institutions and has supported Euromed Justice since 2008.

EuroMed Justice brings together the most relevant stakeholders in the field of justice, including representatives from the South Partner Countries (SPCs), the European Commission, the EU Member States, as well as other relevant EU and international organisations active in the judicial sector. For more information please visit https://www.euromed-justice.eu/

Apogee Information Systems is an IT company established in 2005, with operating offices in Greece, Luxembourg, and Spain. The core specialization is in custom web applications, e-learning, IT Human Resources, Project Management and e-marketing. For more information please visit: http://apogee.gr/

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