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New Website of AOTH by Apogee
17 March, 2006

The new Website of the Thessaloniki Automobile Club (AOTH) is from today on open to visitors by Apogee Information Systems. Paying special attention to the ease of research for information and retrieval of content, the design of the Webpage enables visitors to be in constant touch with the latest news of the Club, its activities and contact AOTH directly with queries. The Webpage was developed using Apogee Essence Content Management, which facilitated smooth transfer of content to the updated version of the site. The site was designed by Redfish Inspirations. The Automobile Club of Thessaloniki is one of the prominent groupings promoting automotive sports in Greece and it hosts every year some of the most important racing events in the country, namely the Thermaikos Annual Car Race and the T.I.F. Annual Car Race. "web.gif"www.apogee.gr "web.gif"www.redfish.gr "web.gif"www.aoth.gr (Thessaloniki Automobile Club)
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