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NSRP: The Online Monitoring System picks up steam
1 November, 2017

We are excited to share this article from our client, the North Sea Region Programme, on the solution we provided! 

Since our Online Monitoring System first went online on 27 April 2015, it has developed into a powerful programme administration tool.

In operation 24/7, the system constantly monitors and handles a diverse range of complex tasks and a massive amount of internal communication. For example, during the last 24 hours alone, 110 users performed 2,068 actions in the system.

The system enables streamlined management of expressions of interest, project applications, project   reporting, contracts, first level controller designation, and more.  It permits assessment, approval, and implementation of projects, including reimbursement transactions. Authorised Signatories are using the system to perform their tasks, and currently the first project reports have been processed in the system.   

The Joint Secretariat regularly offers training for new system users, facilitating smooth project upstart and operation. The feedback we are receiving from users is overwhelmingly positive. Here at the Secretariat, we are also pleased with this time-saving tool that has become the backbone of our daily work.

New features in the pipeline

Today, 85 % of the envisaged system functionalities are operational. The developer Apogee Information Systems will expand the system to include additional modules which will be helpful further down the line.

Amongst other features, this will include audit, operations, and recovery modules to be used by the group of auditors as well as a module enabling users to easily build their own data reports drawing figures from the system database.   

See the figures

This video presents the sheer volume of activity taking place through the Online Monitoring System. It was produced for our Monitoring Committee meeting on 5 October 2017.

Check out the official NSRP site for more information on the Programme and the projects it supports. 

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