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Design & Development of Culturallia portal
16 December, 2011

BD Sima (Northwest Signal) appointed to Apogee Information Systems the implementation of the CULTURALLIA portal. BD Sima is an NGO that aims to promote and support contemporary currents in the areas of art and culture through promoting and at the same time creating cultural products.

The CULTURALIA portal is a vibrant and interactive community of young people that aspires to become the main communication channel among all parties specialized in cultural entrepreneurship that promote new business action initiatives in the field of culture. CULTURALIA targets to fill the existing gap in regard to the recording of the cultural activities from a business perspective, the networking of all the parties, the information access and the promotion of the produced projects. In the website that Apogee constructed on behalf of Culturallia, the user may be informed for tenders, competitions, legal information, educational issues, new start-up businesses, social and political cases, news and events, as well as links that keep up to date the parties of the network.

The project is implemented with the General Secretariat for Youth - Youth Institute funding, through the Youth in Action Programme of the European Commission.

Apogee Information Systems, based on the new Apogee Essence Content Management System, designed and developed the a solution for CULTURALIA with success, so visitors will be able to navigate the website as well as to communicate their ideas and actions effectively.

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