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BONJOUR Design Refresh
28 March, 2012

BONJOURDESIGN Consultants following the previous collaboration they had with Apogee Information Systems, appointed to the company the implementation of the development of the new website that is now public on the web.

BONJOURDESIGN is active in retail branding, retail architecture, retail planning, signage programs, brand communication and all other kind of services that address to Retailers. The Strategic planning of the Brand aims to help businesses achieve dynamic growth, through shaping and developing of the Brand, corporate identity, communication design, corporate environment, and architecture and planning of the Brand. In the website of Bonjourdesign, users can learn about the ways the company approaches all of the above issues as well as see all the projects the company has accomplished so far.

Apogee Information Systems used the new version of the Essence Content Management System for the development of this website. The use of the Essence CMS allows for easy management, maintenance and renewal of every website or portal.

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