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Apogee to MoneyShow 2004
3 December, 2004

Apogee Information Systems LTD, LITERAE S.A. and the Research Group of the Aristotle University Chaos & Innovation (Dept. of Mathematics), presented at Athens and Thessaloniki the 12th and the 19th of December 2004 the following: Dr Dimakis, Anthony AUTH Dept. of Mathematics Research Group : Chaos & Innovation [CHI] 3D INTEGRAL IMAGING - HEART RATE VARIABILITY. Implementation of innovative algorithms on day life. Mr. Dimitrios Tolis LITERAE S.A. Informatics Apogee - Literae Presentation. Consulting experience meets Technology Know-How. Mr. Baziotis Nektarios Apogee, General Manager Apogee Product Presentation: e/ISO. Hi-Tech applied on ISO standards. Mr. Giannopoulos Markos Apogee, R&D Dept. Apogee Product Presentation: Essence. Content Management System or sortly: Essence Mrs. Prospathopoulou Maria Apogee, Sales & Marketing Apogee Product Presentation: D1git. Document Management System: Manage e-Documents on Intranet & Extranet.
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