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Identity & Branding for Evolutionary Archetypes

Apogee was commissioned for the new logo and branding for EA Consulting Inc. The first result of this collaboration was the corporate identity of EA with more applications including a full website responding to the needs of the company.

Τhe website of Evolutionary Archetypes has been designed and developed by Apogee in order to contribute to create a consulting company that is specialized in Strategic Business and HR Consulting, Creative Branding as well as Scientific and Market research.

More specifically, EA’s aim is to provide the best results for their customers in the fields of Research (FP7 Proposal Writing: Technical Writing Market Research, Scientific Research Academic Support), Consulting ( observing, analyzing and responding with accurate solutions) , Branding by developing Visual Identity Design, Multimedia Implementations, Market Penetration and Customer Approach Strategies and HRexec as well as in scientific and market research. Intelligenceclarity and creativity are the main aspects of Evolutionary Archetypes Consulting. The target that is to be achieved includes precise results, accurate timing and an ever-expanding group of satisfied customers.

Apogee Information Systems, used the new Content Management System Apogee Essence, so that the website of EA can be easily managed, renewed and maintained. Apogee Essence is used for every website, e-shop or portal with success for a number of years on behalf of Apogee’s clients throughout the world.
06 March 2014
OpenTEA e-learning platform
03 December 2013
Career Lab day by Apogee
19 June 2013
4FUN Project - Platform development
07 June 2013
KTEL Volou website implementation by Apogee
06 May 2013
Corporate identity for Solinari
15 March 2013
eipalab: Online learning portal for EIPA
25 January 2013
EPSA – the platform for public excellence
19 September 2012
Edextra e-learning portal powered by Apogee
09 September 2012
Evolutionary Archetypes web identity
16 July 2012
JustPhysics website launched
12 July 2012
The computerized database of the Second Mutual Assurance Association
01 May 2012
Identity & Branding for Evolutionary Archetypes
2002 - 2017, Apogee Information Systems
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