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The EU.P.A.N. website online by Apogee
13 June, 2006

The electronic network enabling interchange of ideas among the E.U.'s public administration services is presented today by Apogee Information Systems. The Internet portal www.eupan.org (European Public Administration Network) aims at facilitating direct interaction not only among various public sector services of the EU and its member-states but it is also a dynamic, open-to-the-public Internet venue available to all citizens, who want to be up-to-date with the latest developments on EU public administration procedures and norms. Based on electronic management, publication and "limited access to content" principles, this e-portal is designed to act as an open forum for all public sector entities of the Union and its citizens. Overall aim of this interaction is to brainstorm and negotiate on new public administration methodologies in order to adopt, in the end, those most suitable for the proper conduct of services in the Community's public sector. EU.P.A.N. works under supervision and coordination of the European Institute of Public Administration (E.I.P.A.), which is located in Maastricht, the Netherlands. "web.gif" http://www.eupan.org
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