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CamUp a new way to connect
4 April, 2011

Apogee Information Systems has successfully completed the development of a new web platform, namely of CamUp.com. CamUp is a new social network, which allows online video conferences and content interaction among users. 

Founded by three students of the European School of Economics, CamUp is changing the digital entertainment landscape; revolutionizing how people interact with each other and how they enjoy and share media content. Users are transformed from passive spectators to active participants, on CamUp people become media.CamUp offers unrivaled interaction within groups of people: users can create virtual rooms together with their friends in which to upload and embed any multimedia content including audio, pictures, and videos. They can consume content together in real time, play multiplayer games, and simultaneously interact via chat and webcams. CamUp offers an ideal platform for showcasing your life and work to the world, to be always in touch with the ones that you love, or to simply meet likeminded people that share your same passions and interests.

The development of the web platform is based on our content management system, Essence. Essence is a powerful Content Management System which allows for fast, flexible and problem-free development, management and maintenance of any website or portal. Our developers achieved realizing a dream, to connect simultaneously users online allowing them to express their talent and views by using a web camera.
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