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New website for ELVO
8 August, 2011

Apogee Information Systems, has successfully created a website for the HELLENIC VEHICLE INDUSTRY SA (ELVO).

Hellenic Vehicle Industry is the only industry that manufactures wheeled and tracked vehicles in Greece. It is one of the major industries that support the economy of Thessaloniki, northern Greece and in general Greece. It was founded in 1972.  ELVO manufactures both wheeled and armored military vehicles that cover fully the needs of the Hellenic Armed Forces, as well as Busses and Trucks for the needs of the Civil Market. Due to the know-how and the long experience ELVO is highly active at the reconstruction of vehicles. ELVO keeps organized warehouses with available spare parts for all types of vehicles that it produced in a range of 30 years. Also it holds the Electromagnetic Compatibility Test Center and utilizes the largest Anechoic Center in the Balkans. 

In the website that we have designed and developed for ELVO you may find details for all the activities of the industry mentioned above but for the infrastructure and equipment used as well. Also you can be informed for the Human Resources of ELVO and the financial data.  The website we created is based on the powerful Content Management System Apogee Essence, which is designed in order to allow easy maintenance, renewal and management of any website or portal.
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