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21 August, 2020
3 Months
UMLAgileSonarQubeAlfrescoAlfresco Content ServicesAlfresco Process Services

You will be in charge of these following assignations : Analyze functional specifications and clarify missing/ambiguous information. Propose technical software solutions that correspond to the functional specficiations with appropriate quality characteristics (performance, ease of use, maintainability...) and using Alfresco Technology to its best extent. Evaluate, compare, recommend solutions, identifying advantages, inconveniences, opportunities and threats, and identifying technical consequences. Produce the technical design and technical specifications. Implement and test solutions; Provide or maintain technical documentation; Support and assistance on technical software solutions. Communicate about the solution Share relevant knowledge, if need; Contribute to the elicitations of needs and requirments Coordinate with consultants or other stakeholders for the implementation of the solutions; Potentially managing a team of peers; Potentially defining technical standards Proposing a software architecture for more complex solutions. Qualifications Bachelor Degree in IT or related field with a minimum of 6 years of professional IT experience Minimum 4 years of experience with Alfresco Minimum 2 years of experience with ACS (Alfresco Content Services) or APS (Alfresco Process Services) other Minimum 5 days of training related to Alfresco in the last 2 years is required Excellent knowledge of Agile Methodology An Alfresco Certification (APS/ACS) is required You have great code quality skills (SonarQube or equivalent) You have a good knowledge of software modelling techniques : UML or equivalent Good knowledge of written and spoken English is required

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