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Each great accomplishment has a team operating together as a single unit, bringing results, with passion creativity and love for their creations.
Nektarios Baziotis
Managing Director, Co-Founder

Managing Director and Co-Founder of Apogee Information Systems, senior business consultant and senior project manager, Nektar Baziotis is a visionary leader and businessman. His formal training includes a BA in Mathematics from Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, an International Business Management degree from PA U.S. university and an MBA from Sheffield University in the UK.

Following his vision of directing a highly appreciated international IT company, Nektar now manages several IT projects across over Europe, with public and private sector partners. Starting with only 2 laptops, his loyal friend Markos and a Dream in Greece in 2002, he is realising his company’s success of becoming a recognised international company.

Markos Giannopoulos
Technical Director, Co-Founder

Technical Director and Co-Founder of Apogee Information Systems since its inception in 2002. His passion is to create efficient IT products and solutions based on intangible needs and ideas. Apogee’s core products - Essence WCMS and Team PM Suite – and their respective advancement represent successful expressions of Markos’ technical expertise. He is responsible for all aspects of production and R&D at Apogee.

Having studied Electrical and Computer Engineering as well as Business Administration, he has been involved in many academic and private-sector IT projects since 1997 with duties ranging from design and development of CMS/CRM/ERP systems to internet marketing, community building and IT infrastructure. He understands his role as a co-founder of Apogee as an opportunity for continuous involvement in IT development and experimentation and as a tool for him to better himself and the company.

Vasso Tsiakiroudi
Learning Officer, Senior Analyst

Vasso has the diverse functions of Quality Assurance Manager, Developer and Analyst at Apogee. As she describes success as a sense of fulfillment on every level including all professional and private aspects, she is capable of mastering and balancing these multiple functions elegantly and efficiently. Her quiet and soothing personality fits the saying 'still waters run deep'.

In fact, professionally, she is a very gifted trainer of Apogee Essence WCMS proven by only positive feedback she receives from Apogee’s clients. Her talent and experience allow her to spontaneously give a tailored class. In private, she is playing ping pong successfully, her team won important national and international competitions. She likes working at Apogee due to the team spirit as she feels free to express herself in front of her kind, nice, and talkative teammates.

George Christopoulos
Marketing Director
George Christopoulos specializes in intelligence and communications strategy. He holds the position of Marketing Director at Apogee Information Systems and he is also responsible for the communication strategy of the Euro - Mediterranean Economists Association (EMEA) and the Euro - Mediterranean Network for Economic Studies (EMNES). In the past he worked as a senior consultant in geostrategic intelligence, communication, and crisis management, for large corporations and organizations. He has also worked in the energy sector, specializing in business intelligence and marketing of renewable energy projects, and as Marketing Manager in the IT sector, specializing in Document and Knowledge Management.
Vagelis Tsikalas
Creative Officer

Being in a state of constant evolution, Vaggelis describes himself as an ‘average graphic designer with better taste than some others’. At Apogee, he is considered a creative genius, the best designs having been drafted and developed by him, for example As he has a degree in web development, he would rather regard himself a Senior Web Developer. His modesty is but an indication of his true artistic talent that cannot be awarded or taken by any degree.

He loves spending his time with people he loves. Being mostly self-taught and self-made, he is always updated about the most recent technological developments. The Greek name Vaggelis means ‘angel’ in English. Anyone spending some time around him and explaining any design, hardware or software problems to him, will agree that this name perfectly suits him.

Lefki Koliou
Administrative Services
With an educational background in Computer Science and her charming character, Lefki is the perfect administrative support of our team.

Having strong organisational skills and attention to detail she assists in daily office needs and manages Apogee’s general administrative activities. Lefki's pleasant personality and team spirit make her a valuable asset. Always honest and willing, she ensures the efficient and smooth day-to-day operation of our office.
Xenofon Kontargyris
Legal and Tenders Officer
Legal Advisor and Assistant to the MD, Xenofon is an international commercial Attorney in Law trained in Greece, Belgium and the USA. As a talented multi-tasker, success for him is to engage in all the many diverse activities he is interested in every day. Just as normal people need to eat five fruits/vegetables a day, Xenofon thrives on engaging in his five favorite activities a day. Apogee allows him the mobility he is seeking, a combination of technical, business and legal issues, be it in-house or traveling and meeting clients.

His name means “the polyglot” and he keeps surprising his colleagues with his knowledge of the foreign languages English, German and French that he already used as a journalist, online editor and communications manager for private companies and the European Commission. His witty and sarcastic humor spread his constant smile to the people around him. He likes to spend time outdoors playing tennis or going out with his friends.
Eva Matakia
HR Recruitment Specialist
Eva has excellent interpersonal and communication skills and she is able to build long lasting relationships. Motivated and results-driven go-getter. Well-organized and always professional.
Her degree in International and European Studies in the University of Macedonia along with her participation in MUNs (Module of United Nations) has given her the ability to get acquainted with international issues and strengthen her leadership skills.

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