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Our definition of a partner is a person, company or organization that we stand equally, respecting and assisting each other to progress and evolve.

How to become our partner:

Our European Partner Network categories, mentioned below, are defined on the basis of a potential collaboration and the benefits or solutions provided to our customers after reviewing the potential partner's category descriptions and determining which category best suits your interests.

Please request additional information by emailing us at: including your business profile and contact information.

Partnership Categories

  • Solution Providers
    We offer integrators, VARs, and others Information Technology (IT) companies the opportunity to provide complete solutions to their customers by reselling and supporting Apogee products and services.
  • Consulting Partners
    Designed to enable service-focused companies the chance to offer profitable pre-sales consulting and post-sales implementation around Apogee products and services.
  • Technology Alliance
    Companies with technology and products that complement Apogee products and engage in joint marketing and joint selling of the complementary solution.

Our Partners

Apogee is a member of

EU VRi EAI - European Alliance for Innovation


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