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Project management does not only consist of planning and using all of the available resources efficiently, but mainly of a strong communication level among all members of the team. Team assists in monitoring all factors and giving a clear overview of each project.

The Project Management triangle (scope, time and cost) perfectly defines the need of carefully planning and allocating resources in projects. Our experts are ready to organise and streamline workflows so that the projects will be accomplished within a certain pre-defined scope, time and cost, which will lead to high quality.

At the core of each plan, we provide the indispensable Team monitoring tools and applications. These facilitate immediate overview of progress and data exchange between all parties of a project. The integration of business features with the latest technologies in the field of Project Management results in a state-of-the-art application ready to respond to any business challenges. A wide range of functionalities and the monitoring of all core parameters of your company's or organization's activity, namely its workforce, workflows and projected targets, are the elements upon which Project Management schemes are designed and executed.


Key features

  • Web-based management of corporate data
  • Project/Task Management: per-project team creation, unlimited sub-projects, task assignment, email notifications
  • Time Management: time tracking, project & user based reports
  • Customer Relations: client information, customer communication history, finances, orders & contracts
  • Access Levels: management, staff, finances
  • Instant mobile access to crucial information
  • Zero installation & application support needs
  • Extensible platform allows for customization to your needs

Apogee Team Project Management - Price list

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