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Business intelligence+

Time to expand & reach your targets?

This seminar is focused on assisting you in:
  • Being a successful, innovative e-enterpreneur;
  • How to present your business activity and broaden your company's audience;
  • Create a strong internet presence and attract more customers by proving your quality also via the web;
  • Be in reach by specific audience and inform them accurately of your business and activities;
  • The importance of an e-shop in the current economic era, and the key-steps that you need to take care before starting selling online;
  • Online Direct vs. Indirect e-sales. Maximize your profit results;
  • Having ideas? Investments and EU funds you can collect.
Having questions? Let's discuss on them and our experts will be prepared to provide you with best answers! Contact us...

The seminar will take place in Daios hotel, Leoforos Nikis, Thessaloniki at 10h00 to 16h00 on the 10th of December, 2011.

Three main speakers will present the seminar:
  • Mr. Nektarios Baziotis - Managing Director Apogee Information Systems
  • Dr. Christiane Haberl - University of Cincinnati - EA Consulting
  • Mr. Dimitris Kimpouropoulos - Societe Generale

The cost of the seminar is €80 (+ 23% VAT if applicable) per person and €50 for students (special discounts for groups above 5 persons).

Reading material and case studies of successful businesses will be provided, plus a career workbook by Win Me a Career to all students and interested professionals. A certificate of participation will be given to all participants.

Seminar will be in Greek (main) and English language (translation from English to Greek and v.v. will be provided).

Apogee Idea is an innovative partnership module aimed to enhance innovation and entrepreneurship. Our concept is simple: We set no limitation as to the nature of your projects and ideas. The viability assessment of your idea is the starting point and then we take up to do our best in order to bring your idea to success.

Please provide us with your contact details and confirm your participation

For any further questions, please contact us at: +30 231 032 3011 - Ms. Anna Vassilakou -

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We are specialized in providing solutions and services for website design and development, human resources, project management, e-marketing and research consultancy.
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